Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchanger
GDA-KA Series: for High Temperature Application with Built-in After-Cooler. GDN-KA Series: for Normal Temperature Application with Bigger Heat Ex-changer.

GDA-KA Series – For High Temperature Application with Built-in After-Cooler
GDN-KA Series – For Normal Temperature Application with Bigger Heat Ex-changer

The main advantages of GLOBAL heat plate exchanger:

  • A 3-in-1 configuration, the air-to-air exchanger, evaporators and demister separator are combined in one module. This ensures a very compact, robust and energy efficient design.
  • High efficiency heat transfer performance.
  • Energy saving application due to low pressure drop.
  • Simple and easy maintenance.
  • Dry air down to 3°C pressure dew point at outlet.
  • Unique patents for cross-flow design features with the condensate being separated as soon as it is created along the cooling path.

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GDA Series – for High Temperature Applications with Built-In After-Cooler.
GDN Series – for Normal Temperature Applications with Bigger Heat Exchanger.

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