LiquiPure LP-Series

Water-oil separation system for non-emulsion oily condensate.
Nominal air flow 4 – 35,5 m³/min

Air flow rate 1.08 – 35.5 m³/min

Elevated efficiency, reduced downtime and maintenance costs and improved product quality to all individual User needs. Advanced patented technologies ensuring the most energy efficient solution.

The condensate contains large quantities of oil and impurities, which if freely drained create significant environmental damage. For these reasons, most countries have implemented strict condensate drain legislations. Solutions which do not guarantee the required draining quality lead to the risk of significant fines, whilst traditional treatment solutions present a notable financial burden. LiquiPure LP is water-oil separation system for non-emulsion oily condensate, which solves this problem at a low cost and with low maintenance and guarantees the separation in accordance with local legislations.


  • Safety against oil seepage into the sewer system
  • Suitable for all applications: LiquiPure operates with most lubricant oils and types of compressors
  • Water quality test kit standard
  • No condensate settling tank is required (therefore no bacteria build-up)
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • No energy cost
  • Compact design

Technical features

  • Oleophilic pre-filter, with flow form inside outwards
  • Active Carbon filter element
  • Housing material: PA6 GF30/Aluminium/Aluminium Transparent part Acryl (LP 001÷002); HDPE (LP004÷035).

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MTA - LiquiPure Water/Oil Separator

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