S531 Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Helps users quickly find and record leakages in the system.

Finding leaks in the compressed air system is the first step into energy saving. The leaking compressed air causes immense electrical costs, as your compressors are running more than they would actually need to run.

The S531 is an ultrasonic leak detector for compressed air and gases that helps users quickly find and record leakages in their system. The built-in touch screen assists the user easy operation in leak detecting. With the built-in camera and microphone, users can take photographs and record voice memos for each found leak, this makes the follow-up repair of the leaks as easy as possible.

S531 is designed to work with the cloud based SUTO LMS (Leak Management System) Software to enable companies to properly manage their leakage detection and repair activities.


  • Finds leaks in the compressed air or gas system easily even from distance
  • High resolution 3.5” color touch screen, easing operations in leak detection
  • Almost unlimited memory for leak records
  • Wireless connection with headset
    Built-in camera to take photo of leak locations
  • Voice recorder for voice memos
  • Laser pointer to pinpoint leak locations
  • Records leak information for statistics and repair
  • Calculates air loss in l/min, m3/h or cfm and in the local currency
  • Integrated noise reduction technology
  • Battery capacity for up to 8 hours

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SUTO - S531 Ultrasonic Leak Detector

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