Air Dryer Mufflers

Dual-stage filter element traps particulates for longer element life and less noise.

  • Designed specifically to manage the demanding service problems associated with desiccant regenerative-type air dryers, which often expel air laden with moisture and desiccant dust
  • Primary stage of dual-stage filter element traps particulates, allowing cleaner air to permeate freely through the secondary noise reduction stage
  • Features a relief valve that is triggered to open if the air outflow becomes obstructed by particulate build-up and will divert air outflow directly to atmosphere
  • Free desiccant fragments should be purged from an air dryer system before installing a new Air Dryer Muffler or whenever an air dryer has been recharged with new desiccant material
  • Recommended for pressures up to 175 psi (12 Bar)

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